Tickets for night concerts in the Castle (starting at 21h45 / 22h00)
One-day ticket: 10 euros
Pass / 5 days ticket: 40 euros
IVA included at the legal rate in force

Tickets for the concert in Centro de Artes’ Auditorium
5 euros
IVA included at the legal rate in force

Free concerts
All the concerts in Porto Covo, on the stage in Av. Vasco da Gama (or da Praia), Pátio das Artes and in other public areas. Afternoon concerts in the Castle (starting at 19h00) are also free of charge.


Network (buy online or at nationwide point of sale network)

In Sines
Centro de Artes de Sines and festival ticket office (at the old post office)

Note: The tickets for the concert in Centro de Artes’ auditorium are only sold at the venue.


- Age rating: Above 6 years old (according to the law – DL n.º 23/2014 of 14.02).
- Children of under 12 years of age are not required to purchase a ticket.


- Tickets and passes are printed out at the nationwide points of sale (or at home by the purchasers themselves in the case of online transactions) and validated on entry using bar code readers. The exchange of the ticket for a wristband may be required by the organisation on entry.
- All admissions sold locally, in Sines, are wristbands.
- Keep your ticket until the end of the show for purposes of reentry.
- Tickets do not guarantee a seated position. The Castle is equipped with benches (550 places).
- In the event the date or venue of a spectacle is altered, the tickets will be valid for the definitive date and venue and will not be refunded.
- There is an area for wheelchair users in the Castle (the cafeteria deck).
- Animals will not be allowed into the concert areas (except certified guide dogs).
- Dangerous objects (including cans and glass bottles) will not be allowed into the concert areas.
- Audio and video recordings of the shows are prohibited.
- All the photographer areas are reserved for accredited professionals.
- Taking photographs of the concert in the Centro de Artes is prohibited.
- At the end of afternoon concerts in the Castle, spectators should leave immediately to enable the organisers to prepare the venue for the night shows.


- Centro de Artes: 07-20 JUL (during the Centro’s regular opening hours)
- Old post office: 14h00-00h00 (21 JUL) / 14h00-01h30 (22-26 JUL)


There will be a spectator support office alongside the Alcazaba for concerts held in the Castle. This office provides the following services: general information, complaints book, lost & found and first aid.